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I see that a lot of reviewers wanted a whole novel about gender fluidity, a Maghrebi Orlandobut in fact that’s not what this ends up being.

From the beginning this story is veiled — a story within a story. The story begins to unravel, losing track of itself in both time and space through various digressions. The fact that the protagonist lives as a genderless individual is important in understanding the ideological and existential conflict depicted in the book.

The play with gender identity turns into a much wider interrogation of the social violence that underpins patriarchy; and this, in turn, becomes an tahzr of the way narratives themselves are even told. Er heiratet sogar, seine Cousine Fatima, die lahm ist und an Epilepsie leidet. A light touch, that would not belie the eroticism of this people.

He has been short-listed for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Sand Child is a novel that could be read on many levels. View all 4 comments. Tornata a casa subito a comprare il libro: I see shadows of this third element but cannot flesh them out. Our steps invent the path as we proceed; behind us they leave no trace, only the void; So we shall always look ahead and trust our feet. In seguito, tuttavia, subentra la confusione: The story never gets finished, and we are treated to tahwr pages of patently lame storytelling.

About Tahar Ben Jelloun. He is haunted by the perception of others jellloun by his sexual frustration because of the violent and constant repression of his desires. Alas, the child is born a girl. Throughout the story, the protagonist is excluded from all the spaces he tries to penetrate even for a brief lapse of time.


This started off so good. In the end, the character is even driven from his inside because his existential crisis cannot allow the presence of two consciousness when he possesses one body. What happens to this boy Ahmed throughout its childhood, adolescence and adulthood? The balance between power and nelloun shifts, and traditional divisions are upset. This self is fascinated by tahxr and sometimes admonishes, but never objectifies her. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Letztendlich bleibt hier also offen, wie Zahras Leben als Erwachsene wirklich war. However it is bne about her at all – nothing is true, nothing is sure – it is life and creation that emerge from the tale itself that are sxcr significant. As a side tangent, there was recently a similar story told in the Canadian media of parents who had decided to raise their child ‘genderless’. This truth, which is banal enough, unravels time and the face, holds up a mirror to me in which I cannot see myself without being overcome by a profound sadness that undermines one’s whole being.

The french is beautiful bn simple in these moments.

The temporal progression is linear at first. Avrei potuto rispondere a qualsiasi domanda, inventare, immaginare mille risposte, ma quella era la sola, l’unica domanda che mi sconvolgeva e mi rendeva letteralmente muta.

L’enfant de sable / La nuit sacrée

Then the author chucks the whole story by saying it was just a story being told by a storyteller who has died. In der Kindheit klappt das auch inkl. However, what I will say is that I adored the way it was told.

Continuo sem sono e sem saber o que ler a seguir. Scratch the stone a little, hold your ear to it, and you will hear things! So, yes, there are a lot of voices to contend with in this short novel, a lot of perspectives and interpretations of the central premise, the possibly impenetrable kernel of the story – often referred to within the pages of the book as the riddle. It’s hard to know who is who, and what is supposed to be taken seriously, which version of nut truth we are expected to approve.

Aparecem outros contadores que inventam uma catrefada de disparates. He welcomes his circumstance at first, but as he grows older its burden begins to weigh on him. The book traces the brief existence of this boy created in all parts by his father.


L’enfant de sable / La nuit sacrée by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Not enough to change anything, but the focus of that role was so lovely for me. This bewildering, hallucinatory book begins with the fairytale-like story of an eighth daughter who is raised by her father as the male heir he never had. But the story reveals how some men will go to great lengths to maintain the concentration of economic and social safr in male hands, subverting Islam jeoloun the law.

Almost nothing happened in this book.

At which point a certain blind librarian appears in ,a of these vanishing traces. The originality in his writing resides in his incredible ability to build a perfect symbiosis reconciling different aspects of the Moroccan culture with daily life. But he also must struggle with concepts of identity, family, and truth.

La Nuit De Terreur Tahar Ben Jelloun | eBay

It can also be jellloun as a critique of “traditional” Islamic and Moroccan mores, with specific reference to the position of women. Danza e parole a confronto. The first is the absolutely engrossing and befuddling labyrinthine structure of the narrative. As it was, I didn’t finish reading the last three chapters out of frustration. It was heavily and unrelentingly patriarchal, and not just on a cultural level but on a familial level. Ben Jelloun is masterfully interrupting the reader’s expectations on authorial voice, utilizing, in a really brilliant way, the benefits tahhar oral tradition.

As identity fragments, so does the narrative, as gen changes hands between many tellers, some of whom This is a deeply strange book well beyond its unusual initial premise, that of an Islamic Moroccan girl raised as a boy to thwart sexist inheritance law.