Datums , Priekšmets Ķīmija, Aprēķinu uzdevumi vidusskolai, Tēma Šķīdumu pagatavošana. Datums , Priekšmets Ķīmija, Aprēķinu. Senega~nik, J. Geografija Evrope v {olskih textbooksh evropskih dr`av. . Jankevics, J., Melbārde, Z. Pasaules Ģeogrāfija Vidusskolai. Rīga. Zinātniskā konference: Ģeogrāfija. Ķīmijas mācību programmas un tematiskie plāni vidusskolai. Rudzītis G., Gorskis M. Vispārīgā ķīmija vidusskolai.

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Evaluation of learning achievements in school chemistry. Depending on the specialisation of Biology Faculty chairs, they have the following tasks in the study programme: L 64, S All classrooms are equipped with codoscopes, docents have 5 digital projectors at their disposal, two classrooms are equipped with stationary processors.

Pasaules ģeogrāfija v-sk. 2 Nāc! Darba b-ca

Part of programme courses is already published in the Moodle. Test control test is used to assess theoretical knowledge. Takes care for maintenance and development of laboratory infrastructure. Methods of Geography Teaching. Three point and alternative assessment is also practised. Further improvements of natural sciences study methodical laboratories equipment are planned supplying equipment necessary for professional qualification courses, the plans also include renovation of equipment to conform with planned requirements of new natural sciences standards and programmes.

To train highly geografima specialists of biology; Vivusskolai ensure high quality implementation of part of study programmes allocated to the chair and to recruite the personnel necessary to achieve that; To ensure preparation of study programme materials, study books and other study materials, like, e-courses; To organise viduwskolai of proposals for elaboration and improvement of strudy programmes; To involve students in carrying out of scientific research; To work on improvement and upgrading of study courses, as well as to develop new viduss,olai.


Senior laboratory assistant of the Soil Laboratory. Storing, renovation including restoration and issue registration viusskolai cartographic materials in accordance with Regulations. The Biology Faculty has one computer class with 20 computers which during the reconstruction of the BF building was set up, reorganising two previous computer classes. Collection and processing of study materials course descriptions, methodical materials.

Zicmanis of the Organic Chemistry Chair has successful cooperation in the area of polymerising surface active substances research with a French National Research Centre Lion Polymer Processes and Chemistry Laboratory prof. Pedagogical practical work I. Mathematical methods for chemistry teachers.

L 32; Vldusskolai Programme is planned for 8 semesters in full time studies and 9 semesters in part-time studies, the scope is credit points CP. Servicing the students of Geography Department and study process, entering of student data in the UL data capturing programme LUIS, administration of filing documents: Laboratory works are performed by students individually.

L 12, S Exams and tests are marked individually.

L 14 ,S Vilks Ilgonis,Gribuste Regina u. Table 8 shows research financing in faculties involved in the study programme.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia – Документ

Responsible for collection, purchase, registration, storing and turnover of cartographic materials. List of academic personnel involved in the study programme Maintenance and feografija of files.

Considering the rapid pace of scientific developments bio-medicine, nano-technologies, information and communication technologies, gene engineering, etc. Presentations are freely accessible for students in the e-studies environment.


The variety of study methods is continuously updated, as is the significance of student discussions. These methods conform to the training didactics and develop critical analytical thinking. Laboratory assistant of Geo-Spatial Analysis Laboratory. The overall area of the geografijz is m 2. More than half of them in the status of project managers LZP grants, international projects and agreements.

Chemical Experiments in School II. L 18, S Ability to effectively use IT for information search, processing and presenting learned through studies.

Material technical and methodical provision of the study programme 4. Centres of the BF: Physics for natural sciences. Tests usually include questions also from laboratory works. Putre Indra Putre Indra redakt. According to the parity principle five UL faculties are involved in its georafija up gsografija implementation: Physics — mathematics, books.

The workload of it is 26 credit points. BF is working on providing students with classrooms and demonstration materials: BF Collection of Microorganism cultures. Activities of the faculty personnel in improvement of study process. Participation in practical and laboratory work, unlike the lecture attendance, is compulsory and is considered in allocating final mark.

Geografija v.shkole Azija 2006 PC iso

Laboratory assistant of Earth Sciences laboratory. Title of the position. The need for the programme was dictated by the present situation in Latvian educational institutions:.