Before the muses: an anthology of Akkadian literature / [selected and translated by] Benjamin R. Foster. – 2nd ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and. The Babylonian Epic of Creation (Enūma elîš), Tablet I. Lines , read by Ivan Hrůša · Lines , read by Victor Hurowitz · Lines , read by Jan Keetman. The full text of the Enuma Elish, the Mesopotamian myth of creation, with links to This version is written in Akkadian, an old Babylonian dialect, and features.

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Then Cronos—like Ea —destroys Uranus, and is in turn unseated by the storm deity Zeuswho becomes the king of the gods. Akkadoan Moon he caused to shine, entrusting the night to him. All my combined rites he shall administer; All my instructions he shall carry out!

A fragmentary copy written in the seventh century B. May his beneficent roar ever hover over the earth; May he, as Mummu, diminish the clouds; Below, may he furnish sustenance for the people Asharu, who, as is his name, guided the gods of destiny; All of the people are truly in his charge.

Anu was their heir, of his fathers the rival; Yes, Anshar’s first-born, Anu, was his equal. In his brilliant light may they walk forever! In the second tablet, to avenge the murder of her husband Tiamat prepares to unleash on the other gods the destructive forces that she has assembled. Who was it that contrived the uprising, And made Tiamat rebel, and joined battle?

Akkadian literature

To his utterance the gods pay heed. Against Anshar, king of the gods, you seek evil; Against the gods, my fathers, you have confirmed your wickedness. He who begot him was Ea, his father; She who bore him was Damkina, his mother. Sayceand Jules Oppert. Marduk is given wind to play with and he uses the wind to make dust storms and tornadoes. The lord trod on the legs of Tiamat, With his unsparing mace he crushed her skull.

Its primary original purpose is unknown, although a version is known to have been used for certain festivals, there may also have been a political element to the myth, centered on the legitimization or primacy of Mesopotomia over Assyria.


Enûma Eliš – Wikipedia

All the gods have rallied to her, Even those whom you brought forth march at her side. He mounted the storm-chariot irresistible and terrifying. In Genesis God is the unchallenged Creator, who creates by uttering words: When Marduk heard the words of the gods, His heart prompted him to fashion artful works. Religion in Ancient Mesopotamia. akkasian

The Recordings

Let us praise his prowess! He covered his mouth to stifle his outcry: He squared Apsu’s quarter, the abode of Nudimmud, As the lord measured the dimensions of Apsu. Akkadain the ears of shepherd and herdsman be opened. When on high the heaven had not been named, Firm ground below had not been called by name, When primordial Apsu, their begetter, And Mummu-Tiamat, she who bore them all, Their waters mingled as a single body, No reed hut had sprung forth, no marshland had appeared, None of the gods had been brought into being, And none bore a name, and no destinies determined– Then it was that the gods were formed in the midst of heaven.

The version presented here is a combination of several translations but is substantially based on the translation of E. Greatly exalted was he above them, exceeding throughout. He also notes some broad commonalities with other religions in both e. Anshar opened his mouth and Addressed a word to Gaga, his minister: May he, as Mummu, diminish the clouds; Below, may he furnish sustenance for the people Asharu, who, as is his name, guided the gods of destiny; All of the people are truly in his charge.

They became very languid as their spirits rose. The description then relates the creation of further beings, partly human but with variants of wings, animal elissh and bodies, and some with both sex organs.

Tutu is Ziukkinna, life of the host of the gods, Who established for the gods the holy heavens; Who keeps a hold on their ways, determines their courses; He shall not be forgotten by the beclouded. Ea learns of her plan and attempts to confront Tiamat. She trembled and shook to ajkadian very foundations.


Of these he made statues and set them up at the Gate of Apsu saying: Apsu and Tiamat mingle their waters together, causing Tiamat to give birth to heaven and elihs, as well as the other deities. May his name be evoked and spoken in the land! Mother Hubur, she who fashions all things, Has added matchless weapons, has born monster-serpents, Sharp of tooth, unsparing of fang.

The nurse that nursed him filled him with awesomeness. Aranunna, counselor of Ea, creator of the gods, his fathers, Whose princely ways no god whatever can equal. When the great gods had assembled, They extolled the destiny of Marduk, eljsh bowed down, They pronounced among themselves a curse, Swearing by water and oil to place life in jeopardy.

He cast down her carcass to stand upon it. He opened his mouth, saying unto me: New material contributing to the fourth and sixth tablets also further corroborated other elements of Berossus’ account.

Marduk then divides the gods into “above” and “below” – three hundred are placed in the heavens, and six hundred on earth. His heart is unfathomable, his purpose is broad, Sinner and transgressor may come before him.

By day I find no relief, nor repose by night. When in Ubshukinna jointly you sit down rejoicing, Let my word, instead of you, determine the fates.

Enraged, they plot without cease night and day, They are wlish for combat, growling, raging, Their support they shall furnish, shall tend their sanctuaries.

Gilma, who makes lasting the lofty abode of the gods, Creator of security, 80 The hoop that holds the barrel together, who presents good things.

They disturbed Tiamat as they surged back and forth, Yes, they troubled the mood of Tiamat By their hilarity in the Abode of Heaven.