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Start studying DA PAM – ACE Program. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. provide extensive information about DA PAM ( ). Department of the Army Pamphlet –24 Personnel-General Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention Headquarters.

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DA Pam 600-24

An example might be a teenager who has been arrested for shoplifting and is greatlyembarrassed about his or her behavior. Recognition of risk factors and warning signs is a common part of awareness and intervention training. It is important to coordinate with subject matter experts, installation SPPM, public affairs offices, andlocal community health services for accuracy and appropriateness of content of ad information in unit newsletters.

Individualswill receive instructions and gain access to the appropriate system at the time of their assessment. 60-24 even greater level of intervention is provided by fa trained gatekeepers. Unitchaplains and chaplain assistants provide and assist in unit-level suicide prevention training for the Army Family leaders, supervisors, Soldiers, and Army Civilians.

Criminal Investigation Command commanders or special agents in charge of the supporting U. A sub-intentioned death is a death in which the decedent plays some partial, covert, or ad role in his or herown demise. The DD Form is taken 90— days after redeployment. These requirements include suicide prevention training for Soldiers, Army Civilians,leaders and gatekeepers.

This ensures a verifiable exchange of information for individuals receivingcare. Death is a 50—50 probability directly or indirectly, or in ppam opinion of the average person, the chosen method has an equivocaloutcome.

LeadershipThe success of a health promotion, risk reduction, and suicide prevention program depends on the concentrated focusof leadership on activities that encompass the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and family dimensions in theirrespective communities.


No communication is made. Frequently the act isdone in a public setting or reported by the individual involved or by others.

The RRPCprovides an outreach consultation capability that works directly with commanders requiring assistance in developingunit-specific risk management plans. When implementing a postvention program, commanders should do the following: Commanders and staffmust include the DD Form within the post-deployment training calendar to ensure execution and maximumparticipation.

They arestrategically placed in local communities in every state for use by military members and their Families, regardless ofService or component. Leveraging these types ofgenerational communication may sa to accelerate identification and response time to prevent lam. Most suicides and suicide attempts are reactions to one or more of the followingintense feelings: Probing for ambivalence can be an effective way to break through the desire to die and convincesomeone to get help voluntarily.

Additionally, the senior commander may instead,request a behavioral analysis review through CID. Department of Veterans Affairs Bereavement Counseling is now beingoffered to 60-24, spouses, and children of Armed Forces personnel who died in the service of their country.

Publication and promotion of existing military and civilian crisis hot line numbers in local media and resourcematerials. Any Soldier identified by legal assistanceattorneys and victim witness liaisons as a potential suicide risk should be escorted immediately to behavioral health. Understand leader responsibilities regarding suicide prevention, intervention, and ds.

Describe any trouble, pressures, tensions, or anticipated problems during the past year. Pqm the following resources when assisting Soldiers: The intention of the victim determines whether a death is classified as a suicide rather than an accident.


The line of duty determinations are generally conducted whenever a Soldieracquires a disease, incurs a significant injury, or is injured under unusual circumstances.

Resources, page 34Table ListTable B—1: There are other alternatives. To be effective, any initiative taken to reduce stigma should address actual and perceived stigma of seeking help.

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The RiskReduction Program Coordinator facilitates development and delivery of risk reduction products from installationactivities for mission commanders. The SSART and SAT is not an inspection team, but an augmentation team to assist local commanders and staff toidentify gaps in policies and services and offer recommendations for improvement.

Many state and county behavioral health organizations can provide services toSoldiers and their Families free of charge or on a sliding fee scale through pzm of agreement establishedwith state JFHQs.

The SPTFs should develop a well thought out and deliberate strategic communications plan to communicateimportant suicide prevention messages and provide listings of available services and how to access them. This last category of death has been described as sub-intentioned death.

Some examples might include a singlevehicle accident, or incidents involving unusual or suspicious circumstances, such as deaths due to substance abuse orresulting from apparently unintentional, self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

As a preliminary step in conducting a behavioral analysis review, should review thefollowing data: Sa intensity of this emotion is fed by the belief that no resources exist to bring relief or change thecurrent perception of reality.