Note: OpenStax College electronic edition. Link: multiple formats at Stable link here: ? key. College Physics has 15 ratings and 1 review. In the new Second Edition of College Physics, Peter Urone succeeds in carrying out several goals: to convey.. . College Physics. (34 reviews). Multiple Authors, Openstax College. Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: OpenStax. Language: English.

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Comprehensive and include collge more than could be covered in two one-semester introductory courses. Here are my previously prepared omments on this issue: Mastering Physics is a much more comprehensive online homework system than Web Assign; it has tutorials, conceptual questions, and a test bank.

Seems that way, I could find no glaring inconsistencies. Reviews Learn more about reviews. The text gives a solid, traditional approach to the major topics needed for this course. One of my biggest collehe with this text is the treatment of vectors.

As a result I generally have to look for example problems from other textbooks for discussion in class. It seems to prefer US references rather than incorporating world contributions to physics or as examples of physics. There are some formatting issues but none are serious. I like how hyperlinks are provided in the chapter to support further exploration of a particular topic in the literature though not all of them work.

College Physics

I do not notice any obvious cultural insensitivities or offensive representations. But the average College Physics, algebrabased textbook tends to simplify too much. While obviously not a text intended to read cover-to-cover, the depth and breadth of content allows an instructor to choose the topics most appropriate for their course outline. The text also includes many modern applications of the physics discussed, and those portions may need to be updated every now and then.


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College Physics : Paul Peter Urone :

There could also be some separation of definitions and formulas from utone text. The selection of topics is excellent. It fits the framework of the conversation but not accurately depicts our particular community college situation.

It certainly contains much that is useful for our medical and biology students. The text makes that very clear later on though. The textbook is indeed comprehensive and covers all the topics that are discussed in a traditional colege based introductory physics course. This being a physics book makes this question rather irrelevant.

OpenStax College Physics Answers

I found colege index spotty. All browsers and Acrobat Reader offer the possibility to zoom in on the text. I run a spellchecker to the pdf file, but due to limited time it can only check the spelling of chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Education Teacher and tutor. However, there is a need for former material, so jumping about or skipping material can be a difficulty. In terms of relevance to Canada: Follege feel that the modularity of this text is typical for the genre, which means it is not especially good.


The book is interfaced pretty well, with bookmarks necessaryand the hyperlinks I tested worked. Zachary Louah marked it as to-read May 10, The most important contents of the textbooks such as physical laws and their explanations do not change with time, so they do not need to be updated so often.

The Electricity and Magnetism chapters will probably need changes sooner than later. The book is broken uroone into sections, but it is still not very clear where one section ends and another starts. Ulina marked it as to-read Jun 28, It seems that it lends itself well to that.

Therefore, the book is cultural and gender neutral. I have enjoy the format of this online collection of solutions for College Physics Answers. Chris Hansen rated it liked it Jan 20, Students seem receptive to the book, most likely because it is free.

There needs to be some mention of comparing the accelerations of two masses one possibly being the standard when the are subjected to the same force and that the ratios of the masses are inverse to the accelerations.