Annihilation of Caste. The Annotated Critical Edition. by B.R. Ambedkar Edited by S. Anand Introduction by Arundhati Roy. Paperback; Ebook . Kraentk Sir, please purchase only the ORIGINAL VERSION of Annihilation of Caste written by ar alone. I recommend you not to purchase. Praise for the book. ‘Annihilation of Caste has to be read only because it is open to serious objection. Dr Ambedkar is a challenge to Hinduism No Hindu who.

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May It was 79 years ago today that Ambedkar’s ‘Annihilation Of Caste’ was published

Ambedkar — a figure like W. He was bound to fail and stumble. While I thoroughly enjoyed Dr Ambedkar’s rational arguments and his invocation of scientific temper and principles of fraternity, equality and liberty in the later sections of the book and his scathing retort to the Mahatma regarding the caste question, still I couldn’t help but feel highly disturbed by his arguments and reasoning put forward for the destruction of caste system, in the initial parts of the book.

But I guess Gandhi succeeded in many ways, so did Ambedkar.

Your introduction gave me an excellent background for the struggle between Ambedkar and Gandhi, and the whole equation of caste which troubles India even now. In his own life, before he became a Mahatma, when the occasion came for him to choose his career he preferred law to [a merchant’s] scales.

Most Indians know him as the drafter xnnihilation Indian Constitution. Ambedkar is clear, uncompromising, unadulterated. He was among the few people I met who had known Ambedkar personally.

As for Ambedkar’s essay itself, he would have been speaking to a group of moderate reformers, who were so offended by his critique of Hindu scripture that they asked him to edit his speech. I have been enraged and frustrated and saddened by how it views women time and again.

Still, we have a long road to go to abolish caste from India. But religious and caste also defines power in society. Those in doubt need only read the Indian newspapers and, increasingly, Western ones. InColumbia presented him with an honorary doctorate for his service as “a great social reformer and a valiant upholder of human rights. From the moment I read this book, I have been asking myself, “What makes me a Hindu?


In addition, the idea of ‘karma’ plays a vital role in the Indian imagination. The classic analysis of the caste system with an extensive introduction by Arundhati Roy.

Annihilation of Caste

She strikes to kill. Exclude the appendix and the introduction and the main essay is well thought through.

Moreover Without doubt, this book is perhaps one of the most well researched and scholarly works on the caste system of India and Hinduism. Ambedkar asks this fundamental question: But why target Hinduism. Ambedkar beautifully challenged the entire spectrum of apologists of the caste system, by directly attacking the Hindu shastras. Caste puts a limit on enjoyment.

This time the victim was – the most famous Indian in the world – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Sign up here for discounts and quicker purchasing. I haven’t yet read ‘Hatred in the Belly’ yet I’m gonna read it after writing this review. A That Hindus or Indians do not constitute a nation has been proven wrong. This book shattered a lot of the notions I had about Gandhi, India’s freedom struggle and the caste system in India; this should be necessary accompaniment to our history textbooks.

In Hindus it existed in the name of ‘caste’.

May 15: It was 79 years ago today that Ambedkar’s ‘Annihilation Of Caste’ was published

Annihulation is direct, refusing to soften his words, presenting them as directly as a syllogism. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Her essay is both well-documented and closely argued.

Analysing and Fighting Caste. The way I see it, Annihilation of Caste is not just about abolishing caste. The Undelivered Speech Ambedkar prepared this speech for his last call to the moderate Hindus to see the light, to bring ambevkar reform, by completely destroying the religious sects that upholds the caste-system. Amvedkar my first reading of Roy about Ambedkar and Gandhi, I was disappointed in Gandhi and his hypocrisies. Hinduism is a set of rules, not principles, so it is difficult to find alternate, more progressive, interpretations.


I don’t think a work this important requires a rating. Radhakrishnan is said to have informed Ambedkar on phone about his inability to help him. Ambedkar’s book for a more precise argument. Every Indian should read this masterpiece. I have never highlighted so ambedkzr times in such a small book.

The annotations illumine the whole book. The radical nature of speech forced the organizers to cancel the event where it was supposed to be delivered.

Anand annotated the critical edition of Annihilation of Castefeaturing an introduction by Arundhati Roy, published in When we remember this csate in history, we must also remember casye who kept this history alive for us. Gandhi worked with ‘Dalits’ and cleaned lavatories that no ‘Brahmin’ will do even in today’s India. You could see the clarity of thought and statesmanship of the Doctor in every argument. To cherry pickers, he offers such a bewildering variety of cherries that you have to wonder if there was something the matter with the tree.

In the introduction, Ambedkar speaks about why the speech was not delivered and in the appendix, he gives his reply to Gandhi’s reply to this essay.

The result has been that I have grown from truth to truth. Arundhati Roy writes a very fitting and rebellious introduction to what is an outright rejection of caste and Hindu sacred texts. Inasmuch as the caste system is inextricably part and parcel of Hinduism, Ambedkar was in effect proposing the This is the text of a talk that was never given.