Ageratum houstonianum, commonly called floss flower, is a frost-tender annual of the aster family that provides continuous bloom for beds, gardens or. A. houstonianum is an annual herb native to Mexico and Central America. It was brought to Europe shortly after its discovery, where its use as. There are many cultivars available of this fast-growing annual. They are best used as bedding, edging, or container plants. Panicles of blue, pink, purple.

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Join now and start creating your dream garden! These leaves cm long and 1. Plants may not bloom to frost in some hot summer climates, but usually do so in cooler ones. Aromatic plants of tropical central Africa. Intercropping with aromatic plants hindered the occurrence of Aphis citricola in an apple orchard system by shifting predator-prey abundances.

Floss Flower: How To Care For Ageratum Houstonianum

Invasion of virgin soil in the Tropics. Ageratum houstonianum is toxic to grazing animals, causing liver lesions.

Award winners are the most reliable of all plants. If you do want to fertilize it further down the track, a slow release form is best. If necessary you can pull back the mulch around your plants slightly during application.

Ageratum houstonianum

Taller varieties are appropriate for mid-borders or cutting gardens. Sheldon Navie large infestation in a pasture Photo: Check our website at www.


Whiteflies can weaken the plant and cause the pointy leaves to yellow. Massachusetts not applicable S-rank: Weeds of Australia, As for animals, it is highly toxic to the liver if eaten. Taxonomic studies of the genus Agerratum L.

To reuse an image, please click it to housonianum who you will need to contact. Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and zoom the map. Please log in or create a free account.

Back to Previous Page. View or Create Collections. This desirable and long-lasting summer border is fairly easy to replicate in order to …. Not sure which Ageratum – Floss Flowers to pick?

Ageratum houstonianum (Floss Flower)

Click on images to enlarge. Flowers A to Z. In climates where powdery mildew is a problem, avoid overhead watering and site in areas with good air circulation. Notes on Natural Enemies Hhoustonianum of page The oomycote Pythium mamillatum [ Globisporangium mamillatum ], which causes root rot, is reported to parasitize A.

Economic Botany, houstoianum 1 Supplement 1: Two breathtaking beauties for a duo that is easy to re-create at home in borders, …. Sheldon Navie close-up of flower-heads showing their long floral projections Photo: An updated flora of Egypt.

Roadside, La Cumbre, Altamira, m. Aageratum have a soft, fuzzy appearance and attract butterflies. Pink, White Plant Seasonal Interest: Chemicals that induce the premature metamorphosis and sterilization of some insect species were isolated from A.

They can grow from 12 to 39 inches tall.

Ageratum Houstonianum. The Blue Floss Flower. The Perfect Blue Annual.

Beautiful Powder Puff Blue Mink. It doesn’t need that much attention. However, it can be advisable to thin your plants to allow more air flow around the plants. Native to North America? Excessive humidity agedatum cause oedema, as reported by the Cornell Garden-Based Learning resources and plant nursery websites.


Yes Yes Nursery trade Plants sold for gardens.

Full sun to part shade. Both species can be difficult to differentiate in the field and in herbarium collections Sharma, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 1: If you desire a splash agerwtum pink, white, or blue in your gardenreplace the plants each year.

Amazingly, each tiny wisp of fairy floss is a petal. Sign up Log in. Also effective in rock gardens. Chemical Control The application of the herbicides dicamba and 2,4-D cause visible foliar injury and reduce flowering on A.

An amazingly versatile and easy care plant.

Leaves on stem there is at least one full leaf above the base of the flowering stem Stem internode hair direction the hairs point mostly upwards to outwards Stem internode hair type the hairs on the stem are plain, without glands or branches, and not tangled Stem internode hairs the stem has hairs between the nodes.